With a generous donation by the Aryn and Matthew Grossman Foundatrion, BRR was able to fund:

  • A 350 hectare stronghold for the CFW sanctuary with electrified fencing around the entire perimeter.  This stronghold allows rhinos to be wild, independent and free from human  interaction, while providing a natural habitat where they can breed in safety. It exemplifies cutting edge conservation ands allows the CFW rhino sanctuary to fulfill the “release” part of its agenda.
  • Weapons for the CFW stronghold guards.
  • A mess-house where the CFW guards are provided with warm food three times a day.

With donations by special project donors, BRR was able to fund:

  • A new night pen for the two new CFW black rhinos: Phoebe and Badger.
  • Essential nourishing milk and hay for the CFW rhino orphans. Adoption of young rhino orphans provides essential nourishing milk and hay.
  • Bedding, uniforms, kit and food for the CFW guards.
  • Electrified perimeter fencing around all CFW rhino boma enclosures which ensures extra protection from poachers.
  • 3 anti-poaching tracker dogs for CFW. These K9’s are invaluable and provide the essential element in keeping the rhinos safe.

    Diesel, a bloodhound, is the tracker dog. Because he took guards to a den, exposing 5 poachers, Diesel has achieved super star status! He is now being used as a stud dog because it is hoped his ability may be duplicated in dogs he sires.


  • Extensive training for CFW dogs and their handlers.
  • Two spacious dog runs and kennels for the CFW anti-poaching dogs as well as huts for the rangers, so they may be close to their dogs 24/7. This ensures a quality life for dogs and humans! The first dog run was donated in partnership with Spirit Wildlife Fund, the second was donated through BRR special project donors.
  • A communications tower enabling quick, effective communication both within the sanctuary and with the outside world. This is essential, as the CFW sanctuary staff must be able to make immediate contact should there be an ill rhino, or any signs of incursion from the outside.

With a donation from Stop Poaching Now:

  • The CFW sanctuary received a valuable anti-poaching Phantom Drone.

With a donation from Veterans for Wildlife:

  • The rangers and guards at CFW received training from War vets, who were able to bring acumen from deployment to Iraq.

With donations from BRR special project donors, BRR was able to:

  • Donate two dogs to the Rhino Pride Foundation.