Learning resources for GRADES K-2

Students will be introduced to an orphaned rhino. This activity will aid in creating a conversation about what can be done to save rhinos.

Lesson 1: Meet an orphan Rhino.

This exercise is developed with the objective of engaging the facts through a story and then allowing kids to apply their minds and imagine what would happen next.

It is designed to share some of the basic facts of rhino endangerment and the tragic story of poaching. Using a story based on true events, it will evoke the compassion of young students. Discussion can move towards interventions directed to supporting survivors and in so doing, introduce the concept of adoption as a way to help young rhinos orphans survive.

Start with the slide show and then complete the worksheet attached.

Slide Show - Baby Rhino Story - You Complete the Story + Complete the story worksheet (curriculum standards are listed).

Support this lesson to show what its like to care for orphaned rhinos. In Rhino Kids, show your students how our ambassadors Isaac and Eve have helped baby rhinos in South Africa (link to videos).

With this lesson, inspire your students to get involved, regardless of their age. Every person can help. Knowing and caring is the starting point!