From My Hide: How to Rear a Rhino

I would imagine that anyone who has any leanings at all towards nature conservation in southern Africa would know the name of Clive Walker, the archetypal, quintessential conservationist and game ranger. But maybe not all have heard of his lifelong right-hand person, his wife, Conita.
Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa deals with the poaching problem on a daily basis. The park, has lost a staggering total of nine rhinos in eight weeks.
The black rhinoceros, also known as the hook-lipped rhinoceros, is listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List. The species is also listed on CITES Appendix I, meaning that all international commercial trade of black rhinos or products derived from the animals is prohibited.
No scientific evidence proves rhino horn to be a magical cure-all for ailments ranging from cancer to hangovers, yet poachers decimate rhino populations. In demand centers across China and Southeast Asia, an upwardly mobile market continues to seek out rhino horn as a high-status multipurpose medicine.
Akagera National Park has confirmed the birth of a healthy rhino calf, the first to be born in the country in over a decade. This exciting announcement falls on World Rhino Day, September 22nd, and comes only four months after 18 Eastern black rhinoceroses were successfully translocated from South Africa into the park.

Meet Diesel the Anti-Poaching Dog!

One bloodhound that we bred and trained, Diesel, has recently been deployed to protect rhinos at a rhino orphanage. Not long after arriving Diesel was responsible for catching five would be rhino poachers. Diesel did an amazing job by tracking the poachers for more than 10 kilometres and took the rangers straight into the poacher’s bush camp. A proud moment for us and Diesel!
Lang Ong is the traditional medicine street of Hanoi. Although banned in Vietnam, Rhino horn is available for purchase. This illicit trade fuels the rhino poaching crisis. In a recent seizure, over 80 pounds of rhino horn were seized in raids in Hanoi.
Photo of butchered rhino wins top award in this year's Wildlife Photographer of the Year taken by Brent Stirton. The black rhino in Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve, in South Africa, was killed by poachers at night with a silence for his horn which is later sold on the black market in China.

Poachers Beware!

AWF Gayane Margaryan 9/21/17
Cape Town - Computer company IBM and mobile network MTN have collaborated to create smart collars that they hope will help stop the poaching of rhinos in South Africa.
While agents from U.S. Fish and Wildlife lured a smuggler to a storage facility in the Bronx with the promise of $400,000 US worth of illegal rhino horn as part of a sting operation, Sheldon Jordan readied his team to raid the man’s warehouse in B.C.
Rhino horn will go on sale legally in South Africa in late August, after a court lifted a domestic trade ban in April. Many expect much of the horn to find its way to East Asia, even though South Africa remains committed to a worldwide ban on international trading.

Rhino Art Reaches a Milestone

Over 300,000 children say ‘NO’ to rhino poaching! The Rhino Art campaign remains the most comprehensive children’s rhino conservation education programme ever undertaken. Its clear objective is to gather the LARGEST number of children’s hearts-and-minds messages as a call to action against rhino poaching and all forms of wildlife crime.
Redlands School in New South Wales, Australia has sent us an awesome donation of $1200! Another 4 Rhino Pride orphans are being adopted with these funds!
Researchers brought them to the San Diego Zoo’s Institute for Conservation Research specifically to help save their close cousin, the northern white rhino. Only three of those animals are left alive, and none are capable of breeding.
The Drakensberg Boys Choir ended their six-week tour of Japan with a stellar performance at Kurashiki Civic Hall. The choir addressed a global issue while performing their song, ‘The Poachers are Coming’, to support the fight against wild animal poaching everywhere on earth. The excerpt from their 2017 folklore set ‘Siphume Afrika’ (‘We come from Africa’), is a celebration of
We are now supporting Rhino Pride Foundation. Our ambassadors from Dubai, Isaac and Eve, launched the sanctuary by bringing $1200 from their activities. This means that 4 baby rhinos have been adopted for one year.
We are excited to launch RHINO LIVE: an international weather channel reporting on all things RHINO from our youngsters all over the world, who are ON FIRE FOR RHINOS! Watch this space for essential updates on weather and…. RHINOS!
Puma Energy is so proud to support rhino conservation efforts through the air. We are fuelling Flying For Freedom South Africa and Rhino 911 helicopters to power rapid rhino rescue missions. Thanks to these heroic pilots and vets for saving, airlifting and nursing these magnificent animals that we love so much.