Nova was 6 months when she arrived at RPF after her mother was poached.

She had been through an emotional ordeal and was refused to take the bottle of milk that was offered to her. The staff persevered but Nova continued to refuse milk in a bottle. Dr Pretorius decided to try having her feed from a nipple embedded into a bucket and that did the trick! Try offering Nova a bottle of milk, she will refuse it. The poaching of her mother has had a deep emotional impact on Nova and she  does not like or trust humans, even humans that come bearing milk!

She now takes her milk from a bucket that is suspended from a hook on the wall, with a nipple embedded into the bucket! Perhaps the size of the bucket is more recognizable to her.

Nova is a healthy rhino now. She drinks well and is happy with her crash. She loves hanging with all her buddies, and looks up to the alpha, Warren, who is tough and takes care of things!

Her crash consists of: Warren, Fiona, Heidi, Jenny and Sheba. They love nothing more than moving slowly across the succulent green grass at RPF and finding some deep shade to lounge in.