February 2017

Hey! My name is Don.

I live in a rhino orphanage in South Africa because my mother was poached. Kind people keep me and my rhino friends safe, warm and fed. I really❤ ❤ ❤ my milk!! Can you tell?

There is nothing a baby rhino enjoys more than a warm bottle of milk (well, ok, maybe a mud bath!!) .
To make sure Don and his friends keep getting their milk everyday, Baby Rhino Rescue’s Ambassadors, Isaac and Eve sold our fabulous tees and caps at their school. Now the rhinos are happy and their tummies are full!
If you would like to sell t-shirts at your school, let us know here...


Did you know that only $5 feeds a baby rhino milk for a day.

Whatever you donate will make a difference to the life of an orphaned baby rhino.

Our hearts go out to our friends at Fundimvelo Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage.

Two baby rhinos in South Africa, Impi and Gugu, lost their lives last week to poachers...

We are so sad and all of us from Baby Rhino Rescue send our love and support. The threat to our rhinos is very real. We must do what we can to help them. We cannot lose another baby rhino again!

What can you do to help keep rhinos safe?

  • Learn and spread the word! Tell your family and friends at school.
  • Donate! Choose a rhino and a project and send a donation. No amount is too small!
  • Adopt a rhino!
  • Buy or sell our t-shirts at events near you.
  • On your birthday, collect rhino donations instead of presents, like our ambassador, Eve, on her birthday. Or, have a rhino party and raise funds.

Watch for next newsletter. We explain what Baby Rhino Rescue has done to secure baby rhino orphans.

Baby Rhino Rescue’s Ambassadors.

Isaac, Eve and Zayn are 3 seriously cool, energetic and caring kids in Dubai and San Fransisco. They have raised awareness by presenting at schools, selling t-shirts and toys, and more. Read about them here.

Poacher's Moon

Poaching often happens at full moon as it is easier for poachers to find rhinos in the dark.

Did you know?

Rhinoceros means “nose horn”. Rhinos have two horns at the end of their nose.

Poachers kill for rhino horns

It is illegal to trade rhino horn. This makes it very expensive. Poachers make lots of money from trading illegal rhino horn.