More About Jana

Dr Jana Pretorius is a specialist wildlife veterinarian with over 15 years experience in wildlife care. She has been active in the capture, care and relocation of thousands of wild animal since the start of her career.

The hand rearing of Ronnie, an orphaned white rhino calf, stole her heart and he determined her life’s mission. This baby rhino taught Jana how amazingly intelligent, gentle and affectionate rhinos are. Separation anxiety and grief from the loss of a companion causes severe stress and may even result in the death of young animals.

Jana is a powerhouse: she has volunteered with several NGOs and she attended the National Rhino Summit as a representative of the South African Veterinary Council as councilor. Jana received her graduate diploma in Forensic Science from Canberra University, Australia in 2013.

The world is on the brink of losing the Northern White Rhino. Only 3 remain, one bull and 2 cows. Sadly, they cannot reproduce. Rhino Pride, in partnership with Embryo Plus, Thaba Manzi Widlife Services, and San Diego Zoo, is piloting a program to use Southern White rhinos as surrogates for breeding Northern White Rhinos through in vitro fertilization as well as other techniques.

An RPF Endangered Species Breeding Center is in the works.

Jana envisions large-scale rhino sanctuaries with military style layered protection zones.

Jana is exploring another joint venture with Thaba Manzi , namely, the harvesting of rhino dung for organic farming, and more specifically, for producing organic compost for growing mushrooms. The local community would be included through job creation, and education about farming practices and about wildlife conservation.