Redlands School in New South Wales, Australia has sent us an awesome donation of $1200! Another 4 Rhino Pride orphans are being adopted with these funds!

Redlands school mascot is the rhino and this means that the school has a special spot in their hearts for wild rhino. Redlands has supported other rhino conservation projects in the past including buying two camera traps as part of a 43 camera trap project running in two national parks in Sumatra (habitat of the last remaining 100+ Sumatran rhinos). They even have video footage of Sumatran rhino from our camera traps. How cool is that?

So how did they raise $1200?


The Year 12s  held a ‘sausage sizzle’ for the legacy gift to the school. Then they hosted Mufti day for ‘Greenlands Week’ – a Prefect environmental initiative that they run each year.


On Mufti Day, students dress up in their own clothes instead of school uniform for the day and donate for the privilege. The theme was ‘animals and nature’ and they even had quite a few students in animal costumes!

Well done and BIG, BIG, BIG rhino thanks to you all!

We are now supporting Rhino Pride Foundation. Our ambassadors from Dubai, Isaac and Eve, launched the sanctuary by bringing $1200 from their activities. This means that 4 baby rhinos have been adopted for one year.

Another outstanding effort from our brave superheroes!! Thank you! We can’t wait to see what you will do next!

Bringing you weather and rhinos! 6 August 2017

We are excited to launch RHINO LIVE: an international weather channel reporting on all things RHINO from our youngsters all over the world, who are ON FIRE FOR RHINOS! Watch this space for essential updates on weather and…. RHINOS!


Listen to what they have to say and lend them a hand!

If you haven’t heard of our art contest, then check it out! It provides a cool platform to produce art that will send a resounding NO to poaching around the world. The artworks can also be used for fundraising. Our goal is to raise more than $5000 for urgent rhino needs.

We have art coming in from South Africa, USA, Australia, Dubai, India, Vietnam and more!

Our judges are professional artists and photographers, acclaimed writers and film directors as well as accomplished conservationists.


So what are you waiting for? Show us what’s on your mind and lets take a global, unified stand for rhinos. Enter online by 21 September 2017.

Watch FB and Twitter for updates!

What have Baby Rhino Rescue and its youth ambassadors been up to? Their school year-end with a number of fun-filled activities aimed at making school kids into little activists!!  At one international school in Dubai, in partnership with BRR, lots of learning about rhinos took place, led by the school’s very own student council. Kids took a stand against poaching by stamping their feet on a giant banner, marched for rhinos, brainstormed how to protect rhinos in the future, wrote poems, and letters to South Africa’s president asking for his help in saving rhinos. Books about child activism and animal rights were keenly read; documentaries about poaching were aired. Facts about rhino poaching were pasted around the school and Dora, the little baby rhino orphan mascot, was born 🙂 With the music of African drums and to the chant of we welcome you, the 3 weeks of activities culminated in a special assembly where our ambassadors addressed the students. Our message to them: keep up the great work and remember the rhinos over summer. Being such a profoundly international city, kids from all around the world live in Dubai. Up to 75 nationalities can be found at an international school in Dubai. This means that if each student takes the message of rhinos with them on their summer travels, the message of rhinos can be far reaching! Here are some ideas we gave the students: make posters or iMovie clips and share it wth others; never buy ivory EVER but especially when traveling when it may seem tempting; on your birthday, rather than gifts, ask for donations to send to rhinos; encourage people to donate and adopt. We are so inspired by the youth and what they can do! Let them be prepared for the future they will face. Leadership starts now and no-one is too young!


So what’s next? Our ambassadors are already planning for World Rhino Day and are super excited to be working with a great group of kids in South Africa: The Crash – Kids against Poaching. Watch this space for more!