Our youth ambassadors presented on rhino poaching to ClarionSchool in Dubai. They have been spreading the word about rhino poaching and encouraging other kids to be leaders.

A lively discussion followed the presentation about the most effective methods to protecting rhinos from poaching. Saif, from Grade 2, felt that a large drone should be developed to carry people. It would be the best way for rangers to move around in the dark and reach targets quickly and more safely.

We love your idea Saif! We hope that one day your invention will bring safety to rhinos and other endangered animals.


Marching for Rhinos!

1000 kids, 1000 steps = 1,000,000 footsteps. Footsteps that say no to rhino poaching in Africa. After learning all about rhino poaching, at the end of the second week of their rhino extravaganza, these school kids did this symbolic march across Africa. Culminating in a beautiful big banner with their footsteps imprinted in colorful paint, this kids added the voices to the fight against poachers. They are our heroes and we are so proud of them. Let’s all be voices for rhinos.

This is action from eco-leaders at an international school in Dubai! Meet papier-mache rhino DORA made from the 3 week rhino extravaganza held at their school. How a-DORA-Able is this? Dora says: Rhinos count. Let’s be the voice for rhinos

WOW! We are so proud of an international school in Dubai. In support of Baby Rhino Rescue, through a 3 week RHINO EXTRAVAGANZA, students have spread the word about rhino poaching by hiding FACTS around their school. They made a stunning paper mache rhino for a mascot. They did a symbolic march around Africa in in support of rhinos. They DRUMMED to save rhinos! And a banner for display at their school with a 1000 footprints. Their statement: RHINOS MATTER. KEEP THEM ALIVE.

These are eco-leaders of the future. Thank you to everyone involved, and to our Baby Rhino Rescue Youth Team! Jealous? Come and join us!!!! Our youth team ROCKS!


Lem-nade is Lemon-aid!

It takes $5 a day to feed a baby rhino – that’s all. This is easy-peasy for our ambassadors and friends! They took to the streets to sell homemade ‘lem-nade’ to thirsty passers by on a hot morning in Dubai. They were able to feed 10 rhinos that day!

Isaac, our ambassador says ”Be creative. You can do any activity you want. $5 a day is so little, anyone can do it.” We agree with you Isaac. Contact us with your great ideas and lets keep feeding orphan baby rhinos.