Make art and save the rhino!

Introducing the Annual International Rhino Art Competition!

Attention all RHINO LOVING HUMANS!! Let’s do something great for World Rhino Day (22 September). Create a thoughtful piece of art and add your message to it. Tell us why poaching should be stopped. Or why we should save the rhino. Then send us your artwork. The best artwork and message together will win the contest.

Let’s share the messages we receive with the world - and spread the word for the rhino. Our art can educate and inform and lets also use it to raise money for rhinos.
Entries close 21 September 2017.

Go to

Once you have submitted your artwork, ask your families and friends to donate towards your artwork. The artwork that raises the most donations will also win!

While we hope that you will raise donations from your artwork, note that you DO NOT need to raise funds or pay any entry fee to participate.

Donations are open until 28 September 2017.

Who may enter?

The only criteria is that you must love rhinos! You care enough to want to take some action and help in anyway you can. All ages are welcome! The competition is for amateur, emerging and professional artists.

Line art entries

We have created a line art template for kids of all ages which they can color, style and write a personal message. Download by clicking HERE.

A parental consent form must be completed to submit a child entry.

Free form entries

Any age group can enter a "free form rhino art" competition submitting original art and messages in PDF format, creating their own campaign on Crowdrise in support of Baby Rhino Rescue's mission.

One more thing!

When entering the competition, you will be allowing Baby Rhino Rescue to use the art to promote its campaign in support of sanctuaries that rescue orphan baby rhinos, the victims of the poaching crisis. That means you will become part of global team to help save the rhinos. BRAVO!!


Samples of kids art:

Samples of adult art:


How To Enter


Go to the event page

Go to the event page, at Decide which category you are eligible to enter: line art or free form.
  • If line art, download the template here, then complete the image and add your message. Then prepare your artwork for upload.
  • If free form, then take note of the file sizes and formats below.
When your artwork is completed, scan or take a photo of it and save it in jpg, jpeg, gif or png format.


On CrowdRise, click the "To Enter: Choose Your Age Group" button. Each team represents an art category that you can enter. Then choose your age group and agree to the terms and conditions. Then upload your art by hitting "edit" and following instructions. The drawing should square, equal on each side, or it may be cropped when uploaded. Add any fun text you want. Be creative with descriptions and headlines. Focus on your love of rhinos. Feel free to say whatever feels right to you. Have fun!


Once you uploaded your artwork, you'll be taken to the Team's page where all the individual projects are listed. Yours will be there too. Click on your artwork and get friends and family to support your project. Create your own video, FaceBook and Twitter campaigns. (You do not have to fundraise, but it sure would help orphan rhinos if you could round up a few friends and relatives.)


Formats and file types:
- Basically any art is acceptable! Be creative! Have fun and express yourself in any way you would like.

- For example, you can enter drawings, paintings or collage using any media of your choice.

- The art can be any size or shape BUT the final the image that gets uploaded to Crowdrise must be square, or unfortunately it will be automatically cropped on Crowdrise during upload.

- Crowdrise only accepts images in a square format. There is nothing we can do to change this. However, the art itself does not need to be in a square.

- The acceptable file formats are: jpg, jpeg, gif, pdf and png.

Helpful hint:
- On the iPhone camera, there is an option ‘SQUARE' which produces a square image.