Meet the Judges!

Jordan Sandler

Jordan Sadler is a designer and artist from the United States currently living in Vietnam. He has always looked to connect the dots between the creative arts and positive social change. He launched a campaign in Vietnam, looking to raise awareness for the pangolin, the most poached animal on the planet. His campaign was a resounding success. Following this he started an endangered animals series. He continues to search for ways to use art, knowing that art shines a light into the human heart.

“I believe that each animal carries their own wisdom to share with this world and if we don’t do something to protect them and listen to their message, we will all be living in the dark,” Jordan says.

Leslea Newman

Lesléa Newman is the author of 70 books for readers of all ages including many books about animals including THE BEST CAT IN THE WORLD, HACHIKO WAITS, DOGS, DOGS, DOGS! and KETZEL, THE CAT WHO COMPOSED. She has received poetry fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Massachusetts Artists Foundation. From 2008 - 2010, she served as the poet laureate of Northampton, MA.

“Rhinos, like all animals, are precious sentient beings with full, rich emotional lives and add much to the natural beauty of our world,” says Leslea.

On more of this wonderful judge, check out:

Garth Pullar

Born in Rhodesia in 1951, Garth was an avid artist as a young boy, taking lessons at the famous Peter Birch school of art in Salisbury. After serving in the army he went to work for the Municipality as a draftsman, becoming a bathroom designer in Salisbury and the UK. His passion however has always been wildlife photography. He has generated a loyal FaceBook following for his extraordinary collection of photos on rhinos! In fact, Garth has an album that has a rhino photo for every day of the year. He uses his passion for wildlife to inspire and bring attention to the plight that animals face.

To enjoy Garth’s rhino album, check to his FaceBook page:

Kitty Harvil

Kitty Harvill is an American artist with dual residency in the US and Brazil.  Much of her work focuses on the Nature and Wildlife of Brazil, especially endangered species. In 2014, Harvill formed the Facebook group 52 Weeks, with over 400 members on five continents. Focusing primarily on endangered species, the group created works that biologists could use and projects working with conservation. A signature member of Artists for Conservation, Kitty created ABUN, Artists and Biologists Unite for Nature, in 2016 which evolved from 52 Weeks. This group has completed 13 Projects  to save endangered species.

Through art, Kitty wishes to motivate humans to save our planet.  Her work is exhibited in corporate, museum, and private collections in the US, Brazil, Germany, and Singapore.

She says: “Killing the iconic rhino for profit  while leaving orphaned, grieving babies alone to die is heartbreaking.”

Charlene Lewison

Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, Charlene is a visionary and successful entrepreneur, considered a powerful force in her field. Charlene took what was a virtually unknown South African sportswear brand and competing against well established international brands, succeeded in turning it into a leading brand.

“Rhinos, native to South Africa are incredible and beautiful. They have a right to life, We are here to honor and protect them.”

Known for her flair, taste and innovation, we are thrilled to have Charlene designing the tee shirts for the five winners! The tee shirts will incorporate the art onto a specially designed tee shirt!